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Eric Paslay – Angels In This Town [Listen] via One Stop Country

Eric Paslay – Angels In This Town [Listen] via One Stop Country

As a songwriter, your job consists of being versatile with your writing in an effort to land as many cuts, with as many different artists as possible.

Because of his ability to do this, Eric Paslay not only succeeded with his writing behind the scenes, but also as an artist as his own singles have varied from one to another; each landing in the Top 40.

He brought us today’s modern era country with “Friday Night” and “Song About A Girl,” turned to a stone country sound on “She Don’t Love You,” and ditched his country influence altogether when he infused a heavy dose of pop into “High Class.”

He now returns with “Angels In This Town,” the clap-a-long with, groove heavy second single from his highly-anticipated sophomore album Dressed In Black.

The song starts off with small town simple as he sings of a Hail Mary touchdown pass that was caught for the big win; but lurking underneath the impossible catch were the angels that always seem to be around at all of the perfect moments with an assist.
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July 25th, 2016

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