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Trace Adkins – Lit [Listen] via One Stop Country

Trace Adkins – Lit [Listen] via One Stop Country

With his last single “Jesus and Jones,” there is no doubt about it that Trace Adkins should have found his way back into the Top 40, but radio’s closed mindedness kept him from achieving that goal.

However, the song positively re-identified him with the country audience, most of them younger and new to the format since his last hit, and it put his brand of traditionally rooted country music back on the map.

Throughout his career there have always been two sides of Trace Adkins; the softer side that goes right after the listener’s heart as he’s displayed with songs such as “You’re Gonna Miss This,” and the fun, rock tilted side that he gave us on songs such as “Hot Mama.”

His new single “Lit,” absolutely falls into that latter category.

The clap-a-long with boot stomper presents us with a groove that you simply cannot resist moving along with the moment that it cranks up.

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July 1st, 2016

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