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Aaron Lewis – That Ain’t Country [Listen] via One Stop Country

Aaron Lewis – That Ain’t Country [Listen] via One Stop Country

Though he is nationally recognized as the front man for Staind, country music fans have been getting to know Aaron Lewis for his outlaw infused country music over the past few years.

Multiple appearances at CMA Fest, single releases such as “Country Boy” and “Granddaddy’s Gun,” and favorable reviews on his last album The Road, have all helped Lewis earn relevancy in a genre that is a hard one to crack for any artist coming into it from the outside.

With a new label home Dot Records, an imprint of Big Machine, Lewis will release his new album Sinner this fall, and he gives us our first taste of it with “That Ain’t Country.”

Sticking close to his traditional outlaw influences, Lewis delivers a protest song that groans alongside many true country music fans when wondering what has happened to the genre that they love so much.

While songs like this one are coming out at a rapid pace today, most tend to just rip a new one into today’s brand of country. Lewis though, doesn’t necessarily put down what is happening in a condescending way, but rather sings about how he doesn’t fit into it.

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June 23rd, 2016

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