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Blake Shelton – She’s Got A Way With Words [Listen]

Blake Shelton – She’s Got A Way With Words [Listen]

Blake Shelton warned everyone that his new album If I’m Honest was going to be a very personal one.

With its lead single “Came Here To Forget,” he pulled back the curtain and exposed a dash of the truth of the beginnings of his and Gwen Stefani’s highly publicized relationship.

With his new single “She’s Got A Way With Words,” Shelton reveals his emotions and the lessons learned from his divorce from Miranda Lambert.

Though it’s already creating controversy with fans of the female superstar, the thing about country music is that it has to be real to be right, and this song is just about as real as it can get for Shelton.

Though he wasn’t one of the writers on this, they say in Nashville that when an artist can find the perfect song to suit their life, you never pass it up.

He sings these lyrics with the conviction that they need to uphold the heartbreak emotions of them.

On the lessons learned side of things, he sings of not following his gut when he was second guessing and how little words like I and do, lying, cheating, and screwed, all hold different meanings for him now.

With the chorus, he shoots it straight when he sings of how she changed specific words such as:
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June 4th, 2016

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