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Darryl Worley – “Rainmaker” [Listen]

Darryl Worley – “Rainmaker” [Listen]

Whether he was pulling on our heartstrings with “I Miss My Friend,” singing topical songs about the war with “Have You Forgotten?”, or connecting to the listener’s everyday life with “Awful Beautiful Life,” Darryl Worley has always had a knack for delivering the right song to suit the perfect moment.

Though he’s not one to turn up his sexier side too often, he’s done it on occasion with songs such as “Nothin’ But A Love Thang,” and now with his new single “Rainmaker.”

The vibe is a little different than the pure country that we’ve heard from him in the past, in that it uses a lighter, island inspired feel to carry the mid-tempo melody, but it is still 100% Darryl Worley.

Using the storm and bad weather approaching as his backdrop, he pulls us through the sexy lyric of pursuing his woman in the midst of it.

The weather outside becomes a metaphor for the storm brewing inside their four bedroom walls.

He notes of the impending weather, “If this is what gets you going baby let me open up the sky,” and then uses the chorus to declare… (read more at One Stop County)


May 24th, 2016

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